Project 1 - Geared Bookmark

Begin your Kinetic cutter club journey by making a geared bookmark. In this video you'll learn about cutting a living hinge to make a stiff piece of wood flexible and cut 2nd and 6th order elliptical gears.

Project 2 - Kinetic Trivet

In this project, you'll make a beautiful geared trivet, learn more about cutting and building with gears, and build something beautiful to decorate and give as a gift.

Project 3 - Business Card Holder

One of the best things to do with your laser is to make tabbed boxes. This project is an example of cutting a simple tabbed box and adding gears to decorate it.

Project 4 - Tea Light Holder

With this project you will make a tea light holder. You will learn how to customize a pre-designed box and add captive screws to hold the box together.

Project 5 - Covid Tissue Holder

With this customized tissue holder-- we'll start with a simple box, customize the art, and attach a hinged lid. We've themed it for COVID-19, but you can change it to look anyway you want!

Project 6 - Candy Bowl

In this project we've moved on to designing in 3 dimensions. The project includes a spiral bowl cut from a flat piece of wood and feet and handle formed into a T. This one is themed for fall, but you can customize the cut-outs for any occasion.

Project 7 - Mandala Coaster

This coaster gives you a chance to learn about customizing your own designs. You'll learn techniques to start from a basic drawing and turn it into something all your own.

Project 8 - Potpourri Box

We're combining two of the techniques we've worked on before to build this fun project. We designed it for potpourri, but it will hold anything you need. We've built it with 5th order elliptical gears and customized the cutouts on the side.

Project 9 - Halloween Pin

In this simple project we'll guide you through creating your own custom pin. You can begin with ours and cut it for a holiday event, or you can follow our simple suggestions to make a pin (or name tag) with any occasion.

Project 10 - Haunted Comedy Club

This fun geared project gives you a chance to build a custom project with cut throughs. You'll learn how to take this project and build it into any shape and messages you want. Whether a haunted house or a valentine you can use this technique for any event.

Project 11 - Geared Snowflake

This geared snowflake ornament will give you a chance to learn how gears work together. You can resize it to a larger or smaller size and change the background shape to anything you might want. Enjoy this holiday ornament for yourself or a gift.

Project 12 - Mystery Maze

Laser cutters let you make great toys and games. This project will teach you how we designed this custom BB maze and let you create as many mazes of your own as you might want.

Project 13 - Geared Tree

Steam Tech loves elliptical gears. This holiday ornament uses square (4th order) elliptical gears as decoration. You'll be able to resize it to a bigger size and rearrange or repurpose the gears.

Project 14 - Geared Lunch Box

This project introduces you to the differences between raster and vector with your laser. In addition, this geared latch and hinge will allow you to make a beautiful box for anything you need.

Project 15 - Geared Notebook

Everyone needs a fun notebook. This project will give you a chance to use a living hinge in a practical way. Scale this notebook up or down to make it work best for you.

Project 16 - Split Heart

This friendship heart project allows has many customization possibilities. Whether you make it as a solid heart, a split heart, or change the shape to something else!

Project 17 - Candle Tower

This candle tower box allows you to customize a simple box and convert it into display box that could be transformed for any occasion. You'll implement box design, captive screws, and cutouts to build this project.

Project 18 - Geared Compass

This geared compass project gives you the fun of an interesting gear set, a beautiful design, and an interesting multi-layer design. You'll learn how to scale the project to meet your needs.

Project 19 - Twist-a-maze

It's time to play. In this video we discuss how we start with the idea for a project and then design the pieces and parts to fit within our requirements. You'll end up with a great geared marble game that we've designed and ideas for how to extend the functionality into something even more exciting.

Project 20 - Valet

Make a beautiful bedside valet to hold your watch, phone, glasses, and keys all in one place. Customize the drawing with your own art or add gears to make it your own.

Project 21 - Time Cage

The Time Cage bracelet consists of a unique cage gear arrangement. You'll be able to cut either the bracelet as is or follow the instructions in the video to convert it to a pendant. Then, follow the instructions in our other videos to learn to make a parcord bracelet or pendant for mounting.

Project 22 - Geared Lamp

In November of 2017 we put an amazing geared lamp into the Box of Making and now it is your turn to make it yourself. Along the way you’ll learn how to combine multiple boxes together, make gears go around corners, and build a mounting point for a lamp base using simple layers of wood.


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