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Video Instructions

Pick a project


Project 1 - Geared Bookmark

Cut and build this awesome geared bookmark!

bookmark - resized for wix  - transparen

Project 2 - Kinetic Trivet

Expand your cutting skills with this Kinetic Trivet.

kineticTrivet - smaller.png

Expand your cutting skills with this Kinetic Trivet.

businessCardHolder - smaller.png

Project 3 - Business Card Holder

Project 4 - Tea Light Holder

Light up your night and learn about captive screws

Project 4

Project 5 - Covid Tissue Holder

Stay Safe, Carry on, and learn to customize a box

Project 5

Project 6 - Candy Bowl

Explore cutting for 3 dimensions with this wooden candy bowl

Project 6

Project 7 - Mandala Coaster

Build a Mandala Coaster and learn about customizing your own designs

mandalaCoaster - compressed.png
Project 7
Anchor 8

Project 8 - Potpourri Box

Cut and build an octagonal box and learn about designing boxes

Geared Potpourri Box - resize for wix -

Project 9 - Halloween Pin

(Design your own!)

In this video we teach you how to find vectors on line and use them to make your own designs!

Anchor 9

Project 10 - Haunted Comedy Club

In this video we teach you how design projects with cuts showing the layer below

Anchor 10

Project 11 - Geared Snowflake

Learn how to build an awesome geared snowflake or modify it into your own creation

barewood - starOrnament.png
Anchor 11
Anchor 12

Project 12 - Mystery Maze

Build a hidden BB Maze and learn to create custom mazes of your own

Anchor 13

Project 13 - Geared Tree

Learn about square gears and how to resize gears to use in your projects

barewood - gearedTree.png
Anchor 14

Project 14 - Geared Lunch Box

Learn about how to use vector and raster to draw on your projects

lunchBox - closed - resized for wix.png
Anchor 15

Project 15 - Geared Notebook

Build a fun notebook and learn about living hinge projects and resizing gears.

Anchor 16

Project 16 - Split Heart

Build a split geared heart and share it with a friend.

Anchor 17

Project 17 - Candle Tower

Build a customized 

candle tower to celebrate any occasion

barewood - candleTower.png
Anchor 18

Project 18 - Geared Compass

Customize this awesome geared compass rose to be a pin or a magnet!

barewood - compassPin.png
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